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Our Vision

In Order To Pursue The Excellence Of Creativity We, The Creative House Of V™ Has Evolved On Its Own Province To Explore In Maximum Extent. It Was Not An Easy Journey, It Was Not So Predictable. Every Time We See-we Understand, Every Time We Feel-we Discovered, Every Time We Conquer-we Cherished.Fact Has Not Been Our Motive But The Endless Corner Has Been So. The Most Priceless Team That We Have In Our Possession Is Not Only Worthy But Also Have The Courage To Face The Unknown At Any Circumstances. We Built Ourselves Like The Liquid In Order To Fit At Any Area. As A Matter Of Fact The Creative House Of V™ Is A Field, And We Are The Creative Farmer, We Have Been Always Been A Busy Farmer To Harvest It. That’s Why Our Motto Is : Harvesting Creativity

Our Mission

Providing a class of unique photography with the support of artistic design by flawless flow of branding in support of ad making.

  • Idea
  • Innovation
  • Solution

Message From Our Chairman

Innovation and production has always been my first preference. I always been a supportive to the inventions and inventors as well. I have taken a journey in life which was not so easy and supportive, But after a long waited success, one thing i have learnt that success has a price to pay. The prices are honesty, hard working, commitment and wise use of investment. And above all without the support of Almighty Allah, nothing can be possible. As i said earlier, i always support inventions and inventors. So i always liked creative people with unlimited thinking and thats why i have been supportive to Creative House of V™. I have seen the spark of innovations and unlimited possibilities to the future where lots of young people can unconditionally perform to his/her best. I wish Creative House of V™ all the very best from their end. My prayer and support has always been with them and will be.

Message From Our Managing Director

I, Kazi Serzill Hasan, is an ATOM, the tiny element of the world of design. But from my end i always dreamt of a big harvesting point of design and creativity. I always believe in team work rather than taking the work load and success alone. Thats why i created Creative House of V™. By the grace of Almighty Allah and support from few well wishers Creative House of V™ is now fully established with skilled people and advanced equipments.

I do invite all the creative lovers and respective client to keep faith in me and my team as you did before. In Sha Allah, we will always give out best support till the end of time.

Message From Country Director,U.S.A

Hreedoy Anirban Khandakar is an actor, presenter based in New York, USA. He worked in Television and films. He also worked in industrial, commercials and web series. He is attached with JOGI-motion studio a prolific audio-visual factory since 2009 and now he is associated as a producer, screenwriter with Syndicate Films from 2013 in USA. He is also the country director of Creative house of V in USA since 2016. But in 2017, Creative House of V is associated with Hreedoy Anirban Khandakar with office in New York, USA

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Talents Behind Our Success

the dreamer, the false super man, the sign board, the sniper, the thinker, the storm man, Mr. organiser.. we have various kind of personality in our creative family. Lets start knowing few of them..

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What They Are Saying

    Idea - innovation - solution is the key feature for developing any creative work. Idea creates the way, innovation uphold the speed of courage and solution always push to next idea to the future. Once a creaitve mind start thinking of something then it always bring out something which is fruitful and inspiring for development.


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